dinsdag 23 mei 2017

John Mabbott

"The Wittgensteinian approaches to moral philosophy."

What was I thinking !
The idea that Wittgenstein scholars would be attracted to a Wittgenstein lover was one of my worst ideas ever. And believe me, I've had bad ideas.

Without the slightest feeling of rancor, let me assure you, I would like to make an existential remark.
Consider it as another grain of sand in de desert.

Wittgenstein attended in his life only one conference.

Never having seen Wittgenstein before, he [Mabbott] assumed that this [Wittgenstein] was a student on vacation who did not know this hostel had been given over to those attending the conference. 'I'm afraid there is a gathering of philosophers going on here', he said kindly. Wittgenstein replied darkly: 'I too'.
(Ray Monk in his biography of Wittgenstein)
The POSSIBILITY that Wittgenstein would make the same remark in the present crossed your mind?

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